We are constantly looking for new and effective solutions to enhance wellbeing.


We commit ourselves to ethical and responsible behaviour at all levels, in all creatures, and in all situations.


We believe in the power of teamwork and in building strong relationships with our customers.


By actively listening, we are fully present and we understand the needs and challenges of individuals and organisations.


We are dedicated to contributing to the success of our customers and to the cultivation of a highly positive corporate wellbeing culture.

What is Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a choice, a way of life, a process, an efficient energy channel, an integration of the mind, the body and the spirit, and a state of full acceptance of self.

It includes:

Physical, mental, cognitive, and emotional health

A healthy behaviour and lifestyle, and a healthy functioning of the brain

A healthy connection to culture, a healthy home life, a healthy community life, and a healthy spirituality

At Wellbeing Innovations, our team consists of passionate and dedicated people sharing a common vision: creating a world where wellbeing can thrive. Together, we can make a difference!

Δωρεάν Masterclass στο Corporate Wellbeing

Vassia Manika

Founder & Wellbeing Innovator

Tonia Kaparelioti

Business Partner

Katerina Manika

Sales & Ops Director

Loukas Koutras

Sales Manager

Katerina Kami

Sales Support

Katerina Dimitrakopoulou

Communications & Marketing Consultant


Pet Director


Pet Support

Brilliant, flawlessly trained, an excellent communicator, the heart and soul of training!

Anna Avgoustatou

In-depth knowledge, supportive, structured, with incredible communication skills. Excellent.

Olga Kipioti

When a person loves the profession they have chosen, they can work wonders inspired by love. An excellent professional, who has stricken the perfect balance between training and organisation and wonderful, emotion-filled communication. I am motivated by her thirst for all aspects of humanity, which she lovingly embraces and generously imparts with us. I also feel that Vassia is the most compassionate person I have ever met.

Loukia Kotsibou

Vassia Manika is excellent at organising the entire training programme, as well as the seminar. Vassia is an amazing training manager and places great value on the training provided by the DES team.

Eleni Leftherioti

Alexandra Varda

Vassia is an excellent trainer and has a unique way to help you combine the knowledge you have already acquired. She guides you in a way that you can see yourself from a different perspective, understand the information that is given to you in your own way ‒ and she does all this within a safe and loving context.

Alexandra Varda

An exceptional, emotional and warm-hearted person. She has a lot to give in terms of knowledge. She shares her knowledge in a passionate and organised manner, and her knowledge is extensive and not at all superficial. I find this to be very inspiring. She sees the people behind the masks they are wearing and is there for them with a warm embrace.

Voula Terlegka

Being a person who likes experiential learning and detests sterile theoretical knowledge, I found this training to be excellent! It is a great professional and self-improvement tool!

Lambrini Moschou

A very interesting experience! It shows you other thought paths, providing food for thought. As a dietician, I intend to follow on to the next level of training, with the aim of becoming a wellbeing coach.I look forward to going even deeper into what we learned in the foundation course, so that I can help myself and those around me look at the things that have otherwise been troubling them for years!

Mirella Kourtidou

Excellent knowledge from experienced, approachable, and pleasant people! Everything changes to how you want it to in your life! Absolutely worth it!!!

Antonia Mourelatou

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